Sierra Helada or Frozen Mountain as it translates, is a 5 mile long mountain with huge cliffs on its seaward side, and reaches 439m above sea level. The name Sierra Helada (Serra Gelada) possibly derives from the fact that it looked (to sailors) like a large iceberg from the sea in moonlight! You are certainly not going to find much ice on this walk - generally it can be quite warm even in winter (A good venue if the mountains inland are suffering from poor weather).

You can start the walk from the Northern end of Benidorm or drive up to a parking area at the road end. Although close to Benidorm the full traverse is actually quite a rocky and strenuous walk and not to be undertaken lightly! 

From the parking place close to the cross (creu) the path heading North is obvious. Soon though there is a junction. If you don't mind rough and steeper ground you can take the right fork to South summit with superb views. From the South summit you can rejoin the main path although the goin gis steep in places. Otherwise stay on the main path from the cross and simply stay on the path as it follows the cliff edge North. There are several ascents and descents along the route - some steeper than others, in fact it is almost all either up or down! So do remember that you have to return the same way so keep an eye on your time. We have seen large pods of dolphins from the tops of the cliffs, so keep your eyes peeled! By the time you reach the high point of El Governador (439 metres - 1440 feet)  you will have climbed and descended over 1500 feet! There are good views of the lighhouse at Albir which was built in 1863 with the aim of signaling the northern end of the Serra Gelada. The building was inhabited by two lighthouse keepers until the sixties, when the constant presence of a technician in the lighthouse became unnecessary It is possible to descend to Albir and catch a local bus back to Benidorm, otherwise you can retrace your steps back to the park area.

It is also worth visiting the watch tower a the Benidorm end of the cliffs - this again give specacular views of the cliffs you have just walked along.



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